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The Beginning Stages To Novel Writing: Three Act Structure

I’m sure you want your manuscript to flow. Every novelist does. Some writers start with outlines, the standard idea of a “Three Act Structure”, and some, well, floor it. I think it’s a good decision to work your way from the beginning, then move the plot forward. (Agh, use the Three Act Structure. What the hay…)

With the “Three Act Structure”, you begin with the apex of the story, which ends at Point 1. What that does is allow you to first, introduce your reader to the main character, his or her conflict, and also the character’s focus. You’ll generate portions of the conflict here, and that propels your character/s into the realm of Juicy Stuff.  Point 1 leads you into the “middle”.

JUICY STUFF=Action, Suspense, high points, or whatever makes your story kick.

The middle, consists of obstacles or issues that leave your main character/s feeling unresolved. To me, it’s a good idea to have certain issues planned beforehand. The fluctuation of emotion and tension in this section continues to rise until, poof, the pot boils and the waters recede. That is what we writers call , the Climax or Point 2.

The ending is well, the end. You have many decisions here, but my advice, get out fast. Many readers, including myself, find it hard to stay interested if the ending stretches too long. Resolve your main conflict and then let the story fade until the plot is satisfied.

One more thing…

I know I mentioned planning, but never, I repeat, never, let this take away from the flow of you “spontaneous” writing. I love that word, spontaneousI think I’ll use that word often. Hehe.

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