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Good Vs. Evil Series: Naming the Hero

There seems to be something odd happening when people read advice on naming main or minor characters. They take blog help and create names based on a character’s personality. That’s a number one “No, No!” Shame on you.

Here’s how it happens. Suddenly you feel inclined and “too” creative. Your fingers are wriggling, ready to attack your character’s profile page. You tap the pen first on your chin, then press it against that paper.

This is the name you’ve come up with:  Fawna Dreams.

While I had good nature and probably great ideas, let me tell you the reason I chose this name in the first place.

Fawna, is a steamy, middle-aged Asian woman who is hardworking and endures much of everything from marital struggles to life threatening health issues. As a protagonist, one of her obstacles happens to be breast cancer, in which she “dreams” to be relieved from.”

Image courtesy of ©2008-2011 ~so-hood-stock

If you still haven’t caught on yet.

FAWN, meaning to cower with difficulties or problems.

DREAM, meaning aspiration or goal. 

Don’t fret. It’s normal to work out ideas this way. Trust me, I do this all the time, but in the end it turns out cheesy and unrealistic. The character’s names are appearing as ones used in superhero comics, and this is , well, generic thinking. To avoid this, check out a baby name index like http://www.babynames.com it has thousands of starting points.

The one thing I do wanna point is that the good guy should obviously have a less frightening name. Something pleasant perhaps. Think in the area between powder puffs and urban basketball. (Hmm, what?) Yes, something nice but a little rough around the edge gives your good guy some “oomph”.

Great first names like Angeni, Galia, Taigi, or Coralia for a female.

Even names like Conor, Jun, Otto, or Clemens for a male.

Whatever the case, be creative and less clingy towards all or many of the characters personality traits. Besides, some names already have clear meanings.

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