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Genre Fiction: The Word Count

September 23, 2011 1 comment

There are suggested word counts around the internet, but only through reading, will you learn that novel length vary. This is because word count is up to the book’s writer. I know it sounds bland, but I’ll tell you what I’m always told, write until the piece is finished, because really, any work over 50, 000 words could be called a novel.

J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter : The Order of The Pheonix, 260, 000 words

H. G. Wells, The War of the World, 60, 000 words.

Orson Scott Card, The Ender’s Game, 100, 000 words.



In the publishing world, some industry professionals prefer works to be at a certain length. This is due to marketability. If you wanna follow guideline, then here’s a list, but don’t let this take away from your story.


Science Fiction and Fantasy: 80, 000-150, 000 words. (Includes Hard SF, Space Opera SF, Historical SF, Romance SF, & Urban SF.)

Paranormal Romance/Urban Romance/ Romance Fiction: 55, 000 -90, 000 words.

Mystery/Mystery Thriller/Crime Fiction: 60, 000-100, 000 words.

Commercial Fiction/ Chick Lit/ Short Story: 60, 000-100, 000 words.